January 05, 2011

Women know how to show weakness

Women know how to show weakness
If you select the best tickets to see the Japanese TV drama series, Tokyo Love Story is definitely number one.

Tokyo love story, except for the distressed people of the strong name of Li Xiang red, the mark in the beauty of love is one of the reasons people can not let go.
Gateway in the United States is a country girl, a kindergarten in Tokyo as a teacher, look though handsome, is not really look good, restrained temperament, but also not much interest in hobbies, social circles in the country only a few students only. Is one such woman, even live forever firmly occupy the end of complete cure of the heart, so that the face of lovely red name Li Xiang invincible, and he did not hesitate to choose where the United States, the last name Li Xiang sad red migrate, Yong Mei completed treatment and in the United States and lived a happy life.

Indignation of many people, what good in the United States? Why Wing Last completed treatment would choose her, she is clearly hypocritical, weak, scheming and the soil, she completed treatment on what basis can seize the hearts of so many years, that it makes red names are however hard knock Li Xiang Last completed treatment without open heart forever!
Red is certainly a good name Li Xiang, and she grew up in study abroad, independent, strong, optimistic, always laughing about life, and so clever, so sly, so lovely, just a hundred percent woman, not at the face of a rival opponent, Why did she fail!
In real life, there will be red name Li Xiang such women were crossing in the United States defeated. Clearly all the advantages, but was robbed of a woman as his love, feel then?
In fact, well understood. Mark the end of completed treatment in the United States for permanent, the representative of the home, memories and sense of security. Chek name Li Xiang on the contrary, she represents fashion, surprise and a foreign country, those are things that do not belong, never the end of Kanji is a traditional man, he would be attracted to the downtown Tokyo, but he was very weakened, and he The Ehime is his roots, associated with the gateway in the United States and Ehime is his ultimate dream.
Remove this reason, weak and crossing in the United States often play the role, each time with the injury will never complained last completed treatment,v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080  while the red names Li Xiang strong enough to have tears flow just stole the face of others is always an indifferent and do not care about the hearty.
In reality, too, attracted a strong woman, although it will chase the man, but once you understand, the men will feel a lot of pressure, such a woman to leave her does not matter, she may even live a more exciting, and those conditions general fear of the woman, precisely because the knowledge of weakness, won the love.
There are many women in the wrong guidance, hard proof of their many excellent, more powerful, more worthy of love, fear and the results left everyone can become women, to see who won the love of a woman, which is a clank of the Iron Lady of the aggressive ? We call upon the women themselves, a strong appeal to women, but not in favor of losing the unique feminine woman, especially in love, do not always want to live their best to suppress the other side, let him feel the good love, and do not always think their dominant position, and never bow to the total VIP accommodation, remember that when a man in love like a child, their emotional intelligence and ideals may be only 15-year-old boy, as - to find a princess of their own, and then for her to create a beautiful country, he was responsible for protecting you and homes outside the city, you only need to do the United States and the United States can be a princess, some women do not fulfill the dream of men, have to step onto his horse to fight the enemy, the man lost a sense of accomplishment, love is on the subsequent dying, he will feel that you too, like the princess, but rather their own boss, no one wants to follow a "boss" always together.
Unless you are dismissive of love, love, or need a lot of strategies and routines, and blindly just express their individuality, one is more afraid, without you I do not care to look, you can not win the love of the heart.

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