November 19, 2010

Really good looking for someone to accompany

Really good looking for someone to accompany
Years under the erosion of time, become gray, and slowly fade out of my memory. In my life, some endless gray color, looking around, surrounded by fellow patients, hospital stay in their own illness, have accompanied their loved ones have the closest person to accompany their own side. Uncomfortable, they can talk to the play, its like a baby, this life, how happy ah! Often quietly next to a person looking at the pieces of happiness, their envy of those in his own heart, eager to have such a happy themselves, how can a man want to be with his ah. Often a person in his heart the lure again and again, but I know that is unrealistic, so I've been avoiding these images, to avoid the kind of love. In fact, I really looking for someone to accompany you.

In my life, I can a person on the desk quietly writing, can a person inside the room, quietly sitting there, looking at the distant sky, watching the sky and white clouds in a daze, sad, A man stole quietly weeping in the corner. During my illness, I am a person Renzhaoshangtong, or suffer from deep within your soul, in the middle of the night looking at the dark sky, silent daze. In my pain, but merely to add a lot of sad things, always think they can, and always think they can get what they want happiness. But who knew that day, not so good to go, like losing the light of the dark road, rebuffed everywhere the same, so the day was really brutal. In each of us will have the deepest heart of one of the most important person, it is that no one can forget the bottom line, perhaps you've forgotten her, but as long as that place with that name appears, there will be a completely their own beyond the control of specific pain, people can not forget, people can not give up the faint, but fear memory, because the road traveled together, with no traces of the two people. Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator|Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security

Life of the helpless, the existence of true reality of fantasy in my surroundings around my body, hovering in my mind, I feel suffocated. For love's sake, let us come together, because the fate of a sudden heart, I love you. Always thought that this time you can stay with a man, and finally no longer a person's own life. However, the reality is so cruel, the dream after all, still have to wake up. In separate, I think you are getting strange. Love the two people to become familiar with the unfamiliar, but also by the familiar becomes unfamiliar. Love is a stranger into a pair of lovers, turn a couple into a stranger's game. To the final, we came back to the starting point, but when we stop the time, only to find that our starting point and we have gone through this that the starting point is different. Time is long past, and you love me too long does not exist. And I still stand on the crossroad, standing under street lights we have stopped, waiting for you there ... ...
A man walking alone on a long time, go tired, really good looking for someone to accompany themselves, even the shortest of the moment, I do not need too much of your speech, without you paying too much, as long as you can quietly like to stay with me, if only sat quietly Ye Hao, Do not make me feel lonely, lonely, like a lost depends on the bird lost its way, no way to happiness ... ...
Sometimes when a person suddenly feel afraid, afraid not get to the end of life, can not see the person that I've been waiting for the appearance of hovering feel good, like go get lost in the maze of people, how to find also find less than exports, always there and turn, finally to the origin. Do not know the direction, not knowing where to go, the hand stretched out to blanket the sky, do not know where to stretch, and kept waving. Do not know when to come from within, do not know when it is tall, a good man lost, so scared. When this feeling arises, that the desire to find someone to spend even more strongly, perhaps lonely, too long, maybe really tired, a man in the life of this can be a long or a short is not Long walk a short life for so long, really tired, really not want to leave, many people want to find a safe harbor dock look, take a break. However, I find that can accompany the person in my life, but found that the original is so difficult. Dream of happiness, I had shed tears of happiness, filled with the taste of happiness. When the wake after, they found, or a person, from beginning to end is a person!

Since when do not know that he no longer likes to be alone, no longer like to see those who love fairy tales and dramas, not like to see those couples close to the lens, perhaps scared, might have wanted to avoid it, may is just one person for too long, read a lot of it, the lack of confidence in the future it!

Within my heart, really hope to have a person with me, come with me throughout my be a long or a short time of life. Good hope acridine ... ...

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